Date wholesales in Iran through Hoorbam is the best chance to buy dates with best price. You can buy bulk dates through the market of buying and selling Hoorbam agricultural products and contact the best sources of dates from the southern provinces of Iran directly and without intermediaries and buy the product you want.

With Hoorbam’s direct access service as a wholesale Dates, date buyers anywhere in the world can easily find out the online price of dates for sale.

Wholesale Dates

Prices of different types of dates vary depending on the type, quality, demand and…

Due to market fluctuations caused by inflation and exchange rates, the major price of dates is subject to daily changes, and price determination can not meet the trading market. Therefore, to inquire about the wholesale price of dates, you should inquire about the daily price of dates in the market of the place of production. To inquire about the wholesale price of dates, you can use Hoorbam online consultation.

Date wholesales

The purchase price of dates from Hoorbam is lower compared to the purchase from other suppliers, due to direct supply, and therefore a lower cost price can be considered for Hoorbam products.
The latest prices of dates in the market
Dear buyers of dates, in order to know the latest price of dates in the Iranian market, you can make an inquiry through Hoorbam.

World prices of dates

Dates are one of the agricultural products that have the highest production in the Middle East and due to their high durability and ease of trade is one of the most important commercial goods in the field of food. The world price of dates is determined based on the supply and demand of this product in the world.

Wholesale Iranian Dates

The price of dates in Iran, like the world price of dates, is determined based on domestic and foreign supply and demand, but in recent years, inflation and especially the exchange rate has played a significant role in determining the price of dates in Iran.

Date wholesales

There are several types of dates produced in Iran, only some of which are cultivated on a large scale. The price of different types of dates is determined according to the market demand and the amount of production of that product; For example, Pyaram type has a much higher price than other types of dates due to low production and high demand for purchase. Every year, after the date harvest season, a new season of wholesale sales of dates and export of dates begins, and domestic and foreign date buyers buy bulk dates from farmers and producers of this product. Wholesale sales of dates usually start in late summer and continue until the end of the year, with the highest sales of dates being from September to November. The price of dates is also determined in the same season and depends a lot on the current demand.

The quality of the product, such as classifying it into first-class and second-class dates, as well as its color, affects the price of dates and its wholesale sales.

Types of dates and their pricesdate palm wholesalers

Six southern provinces of Iran have a cultivated area of ​​dates, among which cultivars such as Kabkab, Mazafati Dates, Colonialism, Pyaram and Zahedi have the highest production. The types of dates and their prices vary in different regions. The quality and type of dates are the most important factor in determining the price of dates, and this should be what buyers want. For example, in Hormozgan province, Pyaram dates are very famous and their price is very different based on their quality, color and size. The types of dates and their prices in export markets are also different, so that Majl dates have the highest price and demand in the world, and then we can name Pyaram dates.

Another important factor that affects the sale of dates and its price is the time of sale. In the harvest season, dates are usually priced lower due to competition in sales. Therefore, buying in the harvest season will lead to a better price.

The last word

Among the wholesales date suppliers, Hoorbam is the best date wholesales brand in the field of dates. Hoorbam brand is one of the largest date palm wholesalers in Iran and has had a brilliant activity in this field.

Important Questions

What are the main importers of dates in the world?

The United Arab Emirates, India and Morocco have the largest share of dates in the world.

How is the date wholesales price determined?

The price of bulk dates is determined by the type of date and, of course, will be much cheaper compared to small purchases.

What are the best types of dates?

Colonial dates, royal dates, Kebkab dates, Zahedi dates, Pyarom dates and Mazafati dates are among the best types of dates.

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