If you decide to import dates from a reputable and reliable supplier, you need to do the necessary research on the supplier before importing. The import of dates is affected by the quality of export dates, and it must be ensured that the packaging of dates is first-class before making a purchase.

The export of dates in Iran is in seven categories: Mazafati Dates, Colonial, Shahani, Zahedi, Bekab, Payavarm and other dates. Among these, Mazafati dates in simple and dry forms have the most exports. Pyarom dates are the most expensive dates for export in Iran.

Import Dates from Iran

One of the strong import sources of date sales in Iran and other parts of the world, which has a long history of exporting dates to different countries, is H0orbam, which has a brilliant record in selling dates to foreign buyers and has an excellent level of customer satisfaction.

Iran dates import

Hoorbam products

Hoorbam products are in a diverse group, and applicants for buying and importing dates can easily select and order the samples they want from the various date products of this supplier. Also, before you decide to buy and choose, you can benefit from the support and advice of Hoorbam and choose the date you want in the best way.

Why buy from Hoorbam?

Hoorbam is the best source of dates for foreign buyers, because:

  • Hoorbam Export Dates is hand-picked from the best agricultural sources in Iran and provides the best dates for its customers.
  • Principled storage methods and completely hygienic and export packaging are associated with Hoorbam products.

There is a demand for dates in most countries of the world, so this product is in most people’s food basket. Dates can be exported in smaller and more attractive packages to European markets. For this, it needs attractive packaging and observance of food rules and standards.

Imports of dates and the industry of dates imported to Iran has long been considered, because dates have many properties, including the return of energy and lost youth, which in the Qur’an and other holy books also special mention of the properties of this healing fruit. Has been. The date palm has countless properties and it can be said that all parts of the tree can be used and an Arabic proverb says that the properties of the palm tree are the same as the days of the year.

biggest importer of dates

For example, India is one of the largest buyers of Iranian dates.

Dates are imported to India in high tonnage every year. India is one of the largest importers of dates in the world. India imports dates from world markets. One of the producers of dates in the world is Iran. Iran has unique dates for export to different countries.

India has been the largest buyer of Iranian dates in recent years. The statistics of date exports from Iran to India well show the interest of the Indian people in Iranian dates. Dates produced in Iran have been able to gain a good position in the Indian market. An important feature of Iranian dates is their uniqueness. This uniqueness is related to the taste, quality and size of the dates.

Countries exporting dates

Iran is the world’s largest exporter of dates with 17% of the world market share. Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel are next with 16, 10, 10 and 8% of the world’s brick exports, respectively.
The most valuable export date in the world belongs to Sri Lanka with a unit price of 15,000 dollars.
In importing this product, India has the highest import rate in the world with 15%. Morocco and the UAE are next in date imports.
The US market had the highest annual and five-year growth in date imports. Morocco, Indonesia, Germany, Canada, Turkey, France and the United Kingdom are next.

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