How to wash dates properly and the reasons for its importance

How to wash dates properly and the reasons for its importance

Washing dates is an issue that should be addressed before consuming dates to eliminate contamination of dates. This should be taken into account when consuming the best type of dates that are probably less contaminated. Washing all fruits, whether dry or wet, is a requirement for maintaining good health. Given that infectious diseases are spreading these days and a new type of infectious disease is emerging every day, it is recommended that Wash and disinfect fruits well before consumption. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons for washing dates and its importance, stay with us.

The importance of washing dates

In addition to the hot corona debate these days, the presence of dust that has been dominating the southern and western regions of the country for several consecutive years has caused many problems and may cause allergies and some diseases, so washing dates in any It is a kind of requirement and it is recommended to wash it well before eating.

Some people believe that just washing the dates is not enough and by washing the contaminants on the dates that have been caused by the dust of the area will not be removed and therefore try to remove the skin, but it is necessary. Know that washing dates is enough to remove the impurities on the dates and there is no need to remove the skin. However, you can peel the dates to make sure they are healthy and clean.

But there are important points about washing dates that everyone should be aware of so as not to cause health mistakes that may have side effects for the consumer, so it is not just the removal of dirt and dust that in this The issue is important, but the way of washing is also very effective in the health of the body, which we will acquaint you with in the following content.

How to wash dates properly and the reasons for its importance

Important tips for washing dates

Washing dates is essential for disinfection and removal of dust and any other contaminants that may have been transferred to it before or during picking, but care must be taken in how it is washed and the equipment used to disinfect it. Keep in mind, among the important points for washing dates are the following:

Do not use detergents and disinfectants

Note that dates have an open texture and, like other fruits such as oranges, kiwis and و, can not be washed with disinfectants or vegetable detergents, and these substances may penetrate into the fruit during washing and Due to the chemical nature of these substances and the harm of chemicals to the body, it is not recommended, because by eating disinfected dates, you will transfer all the chemicals to your body, and not only will you not benefit from the benefits of dates, but they will make you sick and damaged. You will be your body.

So it is recommended to wash it with water and then peel it to be more sure, but you can still prepare a date that does not need to be washed and peeled.

Prepare packaged dates

As much as possible, to ensure the health of dates without having to wash them before consumption, it is recommended not to buy dates in bulk and always buy packaged dates, because packaged and exported dates are often washed before packaging. And are disinfected.

In some cases, they may even inactivate the enzymes in the date to weaken the germs and leave no room for activity in order for the dates to survive in any weather conditions through the use of methods such as irradiation and radiation. You no longer need to wash or peel these types of dates.

Washing wet dates

As you know, dried and semi-dried dates can be washed, but wet dates, which have more moisture, can not be easily washed. Regarding this type of dates, it is better to know methods for disinfection without chemicals and contact. With water, you can consume the purchased dates without worrying about germs or spoiling the dates due to washing.

You can heat the wet dates a little by using the oven without the temperature causing the dates to burn, this way your dates are disinfected and you can eat them without any worries.

It should be noted that this method is also effective for dry and semi-dry dates, and you can put the semi-dry and dry dates in the oven after washing and heat them a little, this method will no longer be necessary. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

How to wash dates properly and the reasons for its importance

Prepare the date plant packaging

As you know, dates are usually packaged in both traditional and factory methods. Most of the traditional methods, due to the use of workers and complete non-observance of hygienic principles, may remain contaminated in the packaged dates or after Packaging Due to the unprincipled packaging method, air or pollution may penetrate into it and as a result, the packaged dates may not have the necessary hygienic quality.

But factories-packed dates, because they are mostly exported, use the disinfection methods we mentioned earlier to make them more durable and healthy. Also, in addition to disinfecting and washing the packaging, it is such that no kind of contamination will penetrate into it, and it can be said that you can consume it with ease and without washing.

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