Iran’s Rabat Industry is a lucrative and growing industry that fortunately over time, Iran has achieved a favorable position in competition with other countries. According to the latest FAO global statistics, Iran is the second largest producer of Dates in the world after Egypt, which indicates an extraordinary opportunity for Iran to have a strong presence in the global market for bamboo Mazafati dates export . In Iran more than 242 thousand Mazafati rotab is produced annually, which due to its high quality is a major part of production of these dates for export to different countries. Due to its high quality and taste, as well as the need for specific geographical conditions for cultivation, Iran continues to be one of the main export gateways to four continents, which fortunately has been export dates Mazafati for many years. It has been experiencing high growth.

Iranian Dates Exporter

Many countries are keen to increase their imports to the region because of their high quality, unique nutritional value and pleasant taste. India, Greece, Norway, Colombia, Kenya, Lebanon, the Netherlands are among the destination countries for export of Bam Masifa.

It should be noted that as one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Bam Mazafati Rotab with elegant, first class and packaged Iranian products, hoorbam is interacting with the destination countries and exporting this unique and unique product.

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Best Date Exporter in Iran

If you are looking for the best date exporter in Asia and especially in Iran, Hoorbam, as one of the top brands exporting dates to all over the world, offers the best quality dates in luxury and export packages.

Iran is the world’s largest exporter of dates with 17% of the world market share.

Dates are one of the crops of Iran. The export of dates in Iran is in seven categories: Mazafati, Colonial, Shahani, Zahedi, Bekab, Payavarm and other dates.

Among these, Mazafati dates in simple and dry form have the most exports. Also, Pyarom dates are the most expensive dates for export in Iran.

In importing this product, India has the highest import rate in the world with 15%. Morocco and the UAE are next in date imports.

The UAE seems to supply part of its export dates through imports. It imports dates from other countries and re-exports them.

Export of Pyaram dates

In recent years, with the increase in the production of Pyaram dates in the country, the export of Pyaram dates has also had an upward trend. Iran’s Pyaram dates, which are similar to Majul dates, have been able to create their own market in European countries. The unique taste of this date has caused the demand to buy it to increase.

Export of Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates are one of the types of Iranian dates that make up almost half of Iranian dates and have many fans inside and outside the country. Annually, a large amount of it is distributed in foreign markets. Russia and Qatar are currently the two largest importers of Mazafati dates. It should be noted that Bam is the largest producer of this date.

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Zahedi date export

Zahedi dates are one of the best and highest quality dates produced in Iran. Zahedi dates are exported to countries such as India and Pakistan. Zahedi dates are harvested in early September, which is sometimes extended to late September. These dates are used in two forms, dry and semi-dry or wet.

Export of royal dates

Export of Iranian royal dates to countries such as India and Pakistan has been one of the most successful examples of trade in this product. Royal dates are one of the types of Iranian dates and one of the most important types of Iranian dates for export. The main production of royal dates is related to Fars province and Jahrom city.

Export of Rabi dates

Rabi dates are one of the most famous types of dates in Sistan and Baluchestan province, which in recent years with the growth of production has been able to enter the export market, so that now very high amounts of Rabi dates to Arab countries, Pakistan, European countries and Exported to East Asia. The low humidity of these dates and the lack of need for refrigerated containers have made it easy to export Rabi dates.

Iranian dates are one of the most popular garden products that have many fans around the world. This product is one of the most suitable food for export, because it does not spoil quickly, and this makes it possible for the consumer to transport the product and export healthy dates.

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There are many countries in the world that want to import Iranian dates to their country. Iran, with its largest date orchards in the world and the largest terminal for recording, processing and exporting dates, is one of the largest producers of dates and agricultural products in the south of the country.

Exports dates from Iran by the top exporter, Horbom, to different parts of the world are underway, and you can import the best dates for export this way.

Important Questions

What is the best type of dates to export?

Mazafati dates and royal dates are among the best dates for export.

Is the Iranian date product good enough and has something to say in terms of quality in the world?

Iranian dates are among the best date products in the world and a large volume of dates are exported to Iran annually.

What are the largest importers of dates?

In addition to the UAE, which is a very important market for date exports and ranks third globally, the markets of India and Morocco are also suitable for this.

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