If you are looking for the best dates supplier in Iran to buy dates, Hoorbam, as an export brand of first-class dates, offers its services to different countries of the world. By buying dates from Hoorbam, you will be able to get the best dates for export and experience the excellent quality of dates while having a great price.

Hoorbam export dates are hand-picked from the best types of dates in Iran and have been stored and packaged during completely engineering and hygienic steps. Therefore, by buying dates from this export brand, you can be assured of the quality of dates.

Obviously, the process of ordering, delivering and sending export dates must be accompanied by considerations that are all observed by Hoorbam in accordance with international standards. Dates are perishable food and will be associated with problems if they are not stored and packaged properly and hygienically.

What are the characteristics of Mazafati dates for export?

  • Its size should be large and fleshy.
  • Its humidity should be adequate.
  • Put in the right package.
  • Packed with the right arrangement.
  • Be cleaned and washed.

dates supplier in iran

Buy the best quality export dates

Mazafati dates for export must have unique characteristics. Mazafati dates for export depend on the country of the buyer, but in general, the dates used for export must go through steps to increase the value of that product and cause customer satisfaction.

Export dates at the lowest cost

Exporting dates may be one of the most difficult and difficult steps for many buyers at home and abroad. The company confiscates the product from all countries by making it possible for customers to export Mazafati dates with the lowest cost and accurate inquiries from customs prices.
The export of dates in this collection is without restrictions and buyers can register and prepare their order in the desired volume.

What do you know about dates and its by-products?

Dates are a complete food that contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body needs. These days, various products such as date chips, date kernel coffee, etc. are prepared from ordinary dates, each of which has various properties and uses. For example, they use date chips for parties or drink coffee coffee as a substitute for regular tea and coffee.

best dates supplier

One of the healthiest and most nutritious drinks is date coffee. Date coffee is a beverage made from date kernels. This drink can be prepared with cold or hot water or even with milk. Date coffee has many properties.

Hoorbam is one of the best Iran dates supplier and exports dates to all parts of the world. Professional supply and maintenance of dates, stylish and professional packaging and guarantee of the best quality of dates are among the services of this export company. Among the Iranian date suppliers, Hoorbam Company has a brilliant history and services at the level of international standards.


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