Date palm fertilizer and soil

Date palm fertilizer and soil

Date palm fertilizer and soil is an issue that affects the quality of harvested dates and is very important in the cultivation of dates. The date palm is a dicotyledonous plant in the form of male and female with the property of fruiting in the form of rotation. The life of date trees in favorable environmental conditions and the use of suitable fertilizers and soil is close to one or two centuries and has the best yield in the first years. Palm trees have different types depending on the type of fruit and harvestable crop and have different yields in proportion to fertilization and cultivation in fertile soil. Join us in order to get acquainted with the fertilizer and soil suitable for satisfactory palm tree cultivation.

The effect of fertilizer on date palms

Fertilizer is one of the effective compounds and additives in increasing growth, preventing disease, pests and increasing plant productivity. Today, the development and expansion of science related to agriculture has been able to solve many problems in this area and is a way to increase productivity and harvest of agricultural products.

The use of different types of chemical fertilizers according to the soil condition and plant conditions is one of the most important parameters in maintaining the health of the palm tree and will be done after the initial sampling of the soil.

Highly used chemical fertilizers for date palms

1. Nitrogen fertilizers

Nitrogen fertilizer family is one of the most important and main fertilizers needed to increase the growth and productivity of date trees. This family of chemical fertilizers consists of urea, aluminum sulfate and ammonium nitrate.

Ammonium sulfate will be estimated and used depending on the lime in the soil, ammonium nitrate in proportion to soil salinity and urea in proportion to the age of the tree.

2. Phosphorus fertilizers

Phosphorus fertilizer is another fertilizer used to strengthen date trees, prevent the growth and multiplication of plant pests and increase the productivity of this tree. In order to add phosphorus fertilizers to date palm soil, the amount of phosphorus in the soil will be measured using specialized tests and the appropriate amount of fertilizer will be determined and added.

3. Potash fertilizers

Potassium is one of the most important and effective elements in the proper growth of palm trees and prevention of discoloration and alteration of the leaves of this tree. Potash fertilizers in a certain amount and volume depending on plant problems and soil deficiencies in the region will be injected into the soil in mid-February and will lead to improved growth of trees and date fruits.

4. Miscellaneous fertilizers

Miscellaneous and low-consumption fertilizers, including fertilizers used in special conditions and special pests in date trees. This type of chemical fertilizer is composed of iron, manganese and zinc and depending on the opinion of the herbalist and the condition of the tree, it will be used alone or in combination with other potash and phosphate fertilizers.

Suitable soil for date palms

Paying attention to the soil of the date palm cultivation area is another important factor in terms of productivity, increasing plant growth and maintaining tree health. In general, the date palm tree has a very high resistance and will be able to survive in all environmental conditions.

Despite the great adaptation and bio-strength of the plant in all environmental conditions, heavy sedimentary soils due to providing favorable conditions for the establishment of the tree in the soil, proper drainage, water permeability and supply of minerals required by the tree, including suitable soils It is a palm tree and will lead to a satisfactory yield.

The results of research, laboratory analyzes and harvest studies of palm trees have shown that clay and sandy soils are not suitable options and will lead to delayed plant growth and production.

Soil salinity

Another very important parameter in determining the characteristics necessary for soil suitability for date growth and yield is estimating soil salinity using laboratory methods.

First of all, it should be noted that the sensitivity and reaction of date palm to soil salinity, in different stages of plant growth is completely variable and has the strength to withstand salinity of 16 dS / m. Increasing soil salinity has an adverse effect on the growth and productivity of the fruit of this tree and is one of the factors limiting the yield of agricultural products.

Various studies in this field have shown that increasing salt and soil salinity, leads to a decrease in the amount of minerals required by the plant due to their binding to salt molecules and by reducing minerals and elements required for plant growth, leads to burns and Severe damage to the plant. Therefore, careful study of the amount of salt in the soil is very important and will prevent the occurrence of common problems in this area.

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