7 amazing properties of date kernels

properties of date kernels

We are all familiar with the unique benefits of dates. In this article, we examine the properties of date kernels and their applications in medicine and industrial applications. Date kernels, like date fruits, have many benefits, some of which we will mention. There are also some palm kernel derivatives on the market, including palm kernel powder, decaffeinated palm kernel coffee, date kernel kohlrabi, and so on.

Therefore, just as the export of dates is valuable, so will the export of its kernel.

Properties of date kernels

Date kernels, which make up 6 to 15% of the total weight of ripe dates, are actually one of the processed date fruit products and are produced in the Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates. It is usually discarded or used as animal feed. But some Arabs turn it into decaffeinated coffee and use it as a beverage. Date seeds are composed of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fat, ash and protein. In addition, the amount of antioxidants in date seed oil (DSO) is similar to olive oil, which can be a good source of antioxidants to meet consumer needs. Here are 7 amazing properties of date kernels.

1. Properties of palm kernels: Wound healing

One of the most important properties of date kernel is wound healing. Ordinary wounds or purulent wounds are treated with palm kernels. Burn the palm kernels and chop them near the wound after cooling. By burning the date kernel and placing it in the said place, you will heal the wound.

properties of date kernels

2. Properties of date kernels: Increased immunity for pregnant women

Date kernel increases breast milk of breastfeeding mothers and strengthens the immune system in pregnant women. Pregnant women are advised to eat date kernel powder several times a week. Date kernel has antioxidant properties. It also helps strengthen the immune system. Palm kernels in particular prevent damage to the body’s DNA structure.

3. Properties of date kernels: Excretion of kidney stones

Kidney stone excretion is another wonderful property of date kernels. People who suffer from kidney stones or bladder stones can crush a few date kernels and boil them with water and eat them twice a day.

4. Properties of date kernels: Treatment of diarrhea

Date kernels are useful for treating digestive disorders, especially chronic diarrhea! Organic dates also act as a powerful disinfectant and kill bacteria that enter the digestive tract.

5. Properties of date kernels: skin and hair rejuvenation

Skin beauty and wrinkle treatment are some of the amazing benefits of palm kernel oil. This oil is very effective due to its vitamins B and A as well as iron. Palm oil treats skin problems due to its B vitamins. So apply a small amount of palm kernel oil on your face daily. After a short time you will notice that the oil is absorbed into the skin and acts as a strong moisturizer.

It has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that treat a variety of skin problems.

6. Properties of palm kernel: Treat hair loss and strengthen hair

Date oil contains iron which prevents hair loss. It also helps hair growth. Using this oil softens the hair. It is also used for hair growth. To use it, you have to massage your head with palm oil. Because it contains vitamins and nutrients and helps to thicken and grow your hair.

7. Properties of palm kernel: Nail repair

Date oil is an excellent source of nails due to the variety of vitamins, especially vitamins K and A.

Uses of date kernels

One of the most important benefits of palm kernel is its use in the treatment of eye discharge! Some people have this problem due to seasonal or light allergies. To remove it, they can powder the palm kernel and boil it, pass it through a strainer and rub it on their eyes. Some even believe that palm kernel powder is good for eyesight. One of the interesting uses of palm kernel powder is to use it as a pain reliever. Simply put some date powder on the damaged tooth to learn about its wonderful properties in reducing pain. Date kernels have a tremendous effect on healing wounds, scratches and wounds on the body.

1. Uses of date kernels: Date kernels

Among the uses of dates that have continued since ancient times, we can mention date kohl.

Date kohl dates back to the protodnastic period in 3100 BC, long before the reign of Nefertiti. Historians have found evidence of the use of date kohl and other substances for eye beauty in ancient societies among the Romans (called Plasticopalmon), the Canaanites in the Levant, the ancient Greeks, and others.

Date kernel kohl can be prepared in two ways:

  • Industrial and in cosmetics
  • Traditional and in perfumeries

properties of date kernels

Eyelash growth

People today are not unaware of the properties of date kernels for the eyes, and date kernels are still used among women and those who have difficulty growing eyelashes. As you can see in Properties 6 of the properties of date kernels, burnt date kernels strengthen hair. Numerous brands are trying to maintain this tradition and are still producing date kernels, and their number may be increasing in recent years. Perfumers and traditional medicine also recommend date kernel kohl and are offering it. Therefore, it can be said that in both industrial and traditional forms, date kernel and its properties can be used as kohlrabi.

2. Uses of Date Kernel: Date kernel oil

Date kernel oil is undoubtedly one of the most important sources of minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients for the body! Palm kernel oil is especially used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

The minerals in palm kernel oil include the following:

  • potassium
  • Calcium
  • Iron (dates for anemia)
  • Roy
  • magnesium
  • Phosphate

Properties and vitamins in palm kernel oil, including:

  • Group A vitamins
  • B vitamins
  • Vitamin K

It also contains large amounts of acids, fats and a variety of proteins and other substances needed by the body.

3. Uses of palm kernel: Coffee palm kernel

One of the most amazing properties of date kernel is the treatment of diabetes! To use this property, you need to make palm kernel coffee. Using palm kernel coffee helps regulate blood sugar.

By buying dates from Hoorbam, you will experience the best professional purchase of first-class dates. What other properties of date kernels do you know that are not mentioned above?

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