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Date Calories

In addition to being a sweet and delicious fruit, dates are the best food for humans. Dates contain more than 60% of converted sugar, and dextrose, in addition to large amounts of sucrose and protein, pectin, tannin, cellulose, starch and fat in varying proportions. It also contains a lot of vitamins A, B and C. In addition, the mineral compounds of iron, sodium, calcium, sulfur, chlorine and phosphorus are found in dates. Edible dates, like honey, are used to make sweets, soft drinks, sugar and sweet syrups.Dates are very valuable medically, they are sedative, laxative and heart stimulant and prevent forgetfulness. It is useful for respiratory disorders in general and for shortness of breath (asthma) in particular. Dates are a laxative, a manager and a strong tonic. And considering all its properties and compounds, it can be considered a complete and invigorating food. Palm kernel flour poultice is useful for curing eye diseases, especially corneal inflammation and eye pain.

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  1. nich says:

    all kind of dates are the same?

  2. sistoz says:

    Dates are fat free?

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