Benefits of date juice, preparation method and disadvantages

Benefits of date juice

Date juice has many properties and very high nutritional value. Consumption of this juice for breakfast provides energy for the day. Juices are one of the most energetic foods and are the best food for the body when it needs more energy. One of these juices is date juice. Benefits of date juice are same as fresh dates benefits. It contains phosphorus and iron, which if consumed at breakfast activates nerve cells and also prevents anemia in people. Date juice relieves rheumatic pains and arterial and venous diseases.
Date juice is one of the most consumed juices. Which is used to treat anemia. Date juice is also known as date juice. One of the properties of date juice can be its energy. Have you ever wondered what date juice is good for? Or what should we eat date juice with?
Date juice is one of the most consumed juices among people. It is frequently recommended that consumption of date juice along with grape juice and berry juice as three juices, treat anemia and iron deficiency. This juice is very tasty and energetic and like grape juice, it can be prepared and used at home.

Have you ever consumed date juice? What do you know about the properties of date juice? One of the products of dates is its juice. Date juice has many uses in traditional medicine. This delicious food has many health benefits. Date juice releases a lot of energy in the body and is very useful for treating general weakness. Consuming a small amount of date juice is enough to provide daily energy. There are several ways to make natural date juice. In this article, we will point out the benefits and method of preparing date juice.

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Nutritional value of date juice

Dates and juice prepared from it are rich in a variety of nutrients and vitamins. Useful elements in date juice, iron, potassium, protein, dietary fiber, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc and vitamins of the group, vitamins A and C.

Nutritional value of date juice

The nature of date juice

The nature of date juice is hot and dry, and the best way to use it for all temperaments is to boil the juice with vinegar and use “juice vinegar”.

Vitamins in date juice

Date juice contains protein, natural sugars, minerals and vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and B5, as well as A1 and C, which you no longer need multivitamins if you consume them. These juices contain natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose and fructose and are a good choice for snacks.

What are the properties of natural date juice?

Date juice contains a lot of vitamins A, C and B group. One of the properties of date juice is the presence of natural sugars in it. Date juice is rich in minerals and nutrients for the body. Natural date juice is a good alternative to harmful sugars. Date juice has a significant amount of iron in its composition. Date juice is used to make sweets, snacks, drinks and breakfast. The benefits of date juice are quite similar to dates. The properties of date juice and sesame are used for breakfast. Date juice is also used in cooking halva. One of the best snacks is date juice and milk.

Benefits of date juice

The benefits of date juice are as follows:

1. Natural sweetener

Dates and natural date juice are a source of natural sugar called fructose. This makes the taste of dates sweet and caramel. Therefore, date juice is a good substitute for sugar due to its nutrients, fiber and antioxidants.

2. Energy boost

As mentioned, this fruit contains a lot of nutrients that help increase your energy levels. Also, the natural sugars in it increase your strength. This substance is very useful for pregnant women who need more calories. Pregnant women need 300 calories or more than normal people, which can be obtained through dates.

3. Increase brain health

Dates and date juice can protect the brain against oxidative stress and inflammation. In fact, this fruit is rich in fiber and contains all the natural antioxidants it contains, the presence of these compounds helps to cure Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

4. Constipation treatment

Dates and date juice are also useful for treating constipation; The fiber in this food is useful for intestinal motility as standard and makes food pass easily through the intestinal tract. This fruit has a large amount of dietary fiber and insoluble fiber, which causes the digestion of food by increasing stool and is suitable for relieving the symptoms of constipation.

5. Treatment of intestinal disorders

Soluble and insoluble fiber and amino acids in dates can speed up digestion and help the digestive system. Accordingly, it can be suitable for diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux disease and hemorrhoids.

benefits of date juice

6. Prevention of anemia

Dates and date juice are a good source of iron. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, a condition that can cause dizziness, fatigue, brittle nails and shortness of breath. You can help reduce the symptoms of iron deficiency by eating foods rich in iron and date juice.

7. Prevention of heart disease

Consumption of dates and natural date juice can reduce triglyceride levels and oxidative stress. These two factors increase the risk of heart attack, which results in fat deposition in the arteries of the heart. In addition, dates are a rich source of potassium, which lowers blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease.

8. Lowering blood cholesterol

Date juice is low in fat and has no cholesterol, so by consuming it in a controlled way, you can enjoy its sweetening benefits and finally control your cholesterol.

9. Rich in protein

Dates and date juice are a good source of protein that will help maintain our muscles. Therefore, if you exercise, you can use date fruit or its juice before exercise to provide your protein to provide the desired calories with useful protein to your body.

10. Rich in vitamins

As we said, dates and date juice are rich in protein, natural sugars, minerals and vitamins. Dates contain vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and B5, as well as A1 and C, which you no longer need multivitamins. This fruit and its juice will not only maintain your health, but also make many changes in your energy level; Because they also contain natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose and fructose, they are a good choice for snacks.

11. Increase sexual function

Dates contain large amounts of estradiol and flavonoids, which increase sperm motility and number, and according to traditional Indian medicine, can treat infertility in death. So if you are looking for an easy way to increase sexual desire, you can use dates and date juice.

12. Retinal detachment treatment

Vitamin A deficiency in the body causes retinal detachment, which is associated with symptoms such as dry eyes and an increased risk of infection. According to studies, dates are rich in carotenoids, which help prevent vision and retinal detachment.

13. Treatment of chronic diarrhea

Potassium-rich foods such as dates can replace and multiply electrolytes lost through diarrhea, due to their high fiber content, help digest food and treat chronic diarrhea.

14. Fight cancer

Consumption of dates and date juice can help improve intestinal health and slow the growth of colorectal cancer cells. In fact, this fruit and its juice have anti-tumor activities, the mechanism of which is still unknown and requires further research.

15. Bone health

Dates and their juice contain the element boron, which helps increase the health of your bones. According to a specialized study, the presence of phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium in dates and its juice has made it a powerful substance for strengthening bones and fighting bone diseases and osteoporosis.

benefits of date juice

16. Promote healthy weight gain.

This fruit with its natural sugar, protein and vitamins and essential substances and high fiber can help you manage your weight. So you can use it as a nutritious breakfast and snack and have a healthy weight gain.

17. Prevent inflammation

Dates contain magnesium and other minerals that are good for the immune system. In this case, the immune system becomes stronger and fights inflammation.

18. Makes labor easier

Eating dates and juice (of course, the amount should be under the supervision of a doctor) during pregnancy makes the cervix more open and the process of childbirth and delivery easier. In a study of 69 pregnant women, they found that with controlled consumption of dates and date juice, they were able to give birth up to 20% easier than others.

19. Suitable for skin

Vitamins C and D are very useful for the elastic properties of your skin and also make your skin smoother. So if you suffer from skin problems, dates and date juice can help you in the long run. Dates have anti-aging properties and prevent the accumulation of melanin in the body. But as we said, the nature of date juice is warm and it is better not to eat it with warmths such as ardeh because it will cause skin pimples. You can boil some date juice with vinegar and lettuce.

20. Increase hair growth

Dates and their juice are rich in iron, which increases blood circulation under the skin, thus strengthening hair follicles and increasing hair growth. By circulating oxygen, it is transported to all parts of the body, including your head, and ultimately prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

How to get fat by consuming date juice?

Date juice is high in calories and can be good for obesity. Use the properties of date juice for obesity if you want to gain weight naturally and without side effects. Date juice is also good for facial obesity and helps to fill the face.

Why use the properties of date juice in bodybuilding?

Date juice is useful for storing energy in the body. Many athletes use the properties of date juice in bodybuilding. Because it strengthens muscles. It also has no side effects from chemical supplements. Date juice releases a lot of energy in the body and keeps athletes healthy for a long time. It is recommended that people who have just started exercising consume date juice. Date juice prevents body aches and muscle cramps. It also strengthens the body a lot.

Substitute date juice for sugar in ice cream

Sucrose is especially harmful to diabetics due to its association with some health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, tooth decay and obesity, high blood glucose and insulin levels. Substituting date juice instead of sugar in soft ice cream is a problem caused by sucrose Prevents especially in diabetics. Due to the effect of sugars on the viscosity of the non-frozen phase in ice cream, which affects the crystallization and growth of ice crystals during the thawing and freezing cycle during transportation and storage, it is recommended for heat shock and product quality during shelf life.

The harms of date juice

The harms of date juice can be summarized as follows:

  • Although the sugar in date juice is a natural sugar and is less harmful to diabetics, however, excessive consumption of date juice is harmful to people with diabetes and should be used with caution.
  • Excessive consumption of date juice is not suitable for people with a hot temper, it causes thickening of bile and pimples on their face and body.
  • It is harmful for obese and sedentary people because it has a high percentage of calories, so if you do not exercise, by eating this nutrient, obesity and its side effects will surely wait for you.

 date juice

Precautions in consuming date juice

Date juice is less harmful for diabetics due to its natural sugar content, but its consumption is not recommended for these patients.
Because juices are very sweet and high in calories, we recommend that people who are overweight or obese and those with diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and high triglycerides eat this food with caution. It is better if they can avoid the juice, but if they can not completely eliminate it from their diet due to their strong interest in this sweet food, they should limit the consumption of the juice.
In many cases, the person does not even know why he gains weight even though he does not eat much; One reason for this is gaining weight by consuming small amounts of high-calorie foods on a regular basis.
Consumption of a mixture of juice and sesame, which are both warm in nature, causes their bile to thicken for hot tempers, and the result is a boil on their face and body, which can be treated by eating fresh fruits with a cold nature.
Be aware that this substance, in addition to being energetic, also has a high percentage of calories, and if you are a sedentary person who does not walk or exercise regularly for more than 20 minutes a day, know that eating this nutrient will definitely cause obesity and side effects. It awaits you.
Finally, I must remind you that even healthy people who are normal weight should keep a moderate intake of juice.

Preparation of date juice

There are three ways to produce date juice in the traditional way:

1. Boiling method (hot method): In this production method, dates are placed in open pots and water is added to the weight of the fruit. The water and date mixture are heated to dissolve the juice in the water. The heat is continued until the juice reaches the desired concentration, and finally, by cutting off the heat, the mixture is filtered and the juice is filled in plastic containers or metal tins, and the remaining pulp is fed to livestock.

2. Preparation of juice in cement ponds (cold method): Dates are poured in ponds that are 1 to 1.5 meters above the ground and are made for juicing operations. The dates are compressed by the force of gravity, and the juice is extracted and collected from a hole in the bottom of the pond. This type of juice is natural and it is called natural date juice. Cement ponds are also called mudbase in the local language.

3. Production of date juice by mat: In some southern parts of the country, such as Minab, instead of cement ponds, dates are poured into a container made of date leaves as a wicker basket, and due to the pressure of the dates on each other, the juice comes out of the pores. The mat comes out.

Instructions for preparing date juice

1. Chop the dates into large pieces.

2. Soak dates in boiling water for 20 minutes to remove impurities. Discard the water in which you soaked the dates.

3. Pour the soaked dates into a large saucepan with a liter or 4 cups of water. Bring the water slowly to the boiling point, let it cook slowly and over a very low heat for 1 to 2 hours (2 hours is better if you have time).

4. After this time, turn off the gas and allow your mixture to cool.

5. Put a strainer on a bowl and put a bag of cheese or multi-layered cleaning cloth on it, or use a bag of yogurt or nut milk.

6. Squeeze the bag so that all the cooked date juice comes out of the bag well. If you have a lot of ingredients, you need to put some ingredients in the bag every time to get the water out completely. You will have about 2 cups of liquid.

7. Pour the date juice into a saucepan and let it boil gently. Let it boil for about 45 minutes to an hour with the lid open until the excess water evaporates and the syrup is almost half full. If you dip a spoon into it, the syrup should cover the back of the spoon, but the syrup will thicken after cooling.

8. If you think this state of date juice is dilute, you can put it back on the gas to get more out of the water, but be careful not to thicken it too much. Of course, very thick syrup will have a dark color and this beautiful red color. Will not give you.

 date juice

Tips on preparing date juice

In the method of preparing date juice, it is better to use juicy dates.
Note that the concentration of date juice should not be low because it molds quickly.
Date juice can be stored in a cool, dry place in a sealed container for 1 year.
If you use dried dates to make date juice, you will need a longer time to cook the dates.

Detection of high quality date juice

To identify good quality date juice, consider the following:

1. Acidity: The acidity of date juice is in the allowable range of 1.3 – 0.5% of acidity in terms of acetic acid.

2. Color: The color of date juice should be clear and obtained under natural and healthy conditions.

3. PH level: The pH level of date juice should be within the allowable range of 4.3 – 3.5.

4. Water-soluble solids: The amount of water-soluble solids (brix) in date juice should be in the range of 67-73%.

5. Ash: The amount of ash in date juice should be a maximum of 1.5 percent.

6. Reducing sugars: The amount of reducing sugars in date juice should be at least 58%.

7. Non-reducing sugar: The amount of non-reducing sugar in terms of sucrose in date juice should be a maximum of 40% and the ratio of fructose to glucose in the product should be at least 0.7.

8. Taste and smell: Date juice should have a natural taste and smell and be free of any taste and smell resulting from burns, fermentation, sourness and mold.

9. External materials: The product must be free of plant debris such as leaves, stems, skin of the fruit and also free of any living and dead pests or traces of their residues such as eggs, larvae, pupae and sand particles.

10. Metal contaminants: Metal contaminants in the product should not exceed the specified standard.

11. Preservatives: The use of any additives except citric acid in date juice is not allowed.

12. Sugar resistance: Date juice should withstand sugar for at least 48 hours at 4 ° C.

last word

Date juice is one of the most energetic foods and like dates, it has healing properties and high nutritional value. This nutrient is recommended by nutritionists to all age groups due to its salts and vitamins needed by the body. In general, it can be said that date juice has the same properties as dates and contains phosphorus and iron, which if consumed at breakfast activates nerve cells and also prevents anemia in people. Date juice relieves rheumatic pains and arterial and venous diseases. Also, one of the most important properties of date juice is strengthening the heart, and consuming it twice a week reduces and improves heart discomfort and weakness.

Natural date juice is one of the most delicious foods. This natural juice has unique health properties. The properties of date juice are used for stomach, treatment of pain, prevention of stomach acidification and.. Date juice along with juice helps treat anemia. Date juice strengthens the body of pregnant women. It is also useful for improving the growth of children. People who want to gain weight can use the properties of date juice for obesity. Date juice is completely natural and has no side effects.

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