About Us

Hoor Date Trading Group started in 2010 with the efforts of a group of experienced traders in international trade and export of Mazafati dates in Bam, relying on the production and packaging of the product, along with the supply of the best and most quality dates produced in Iran. This complex, with the cooperation of farmers in different parts of Iran, has planted hundreds of hectares of land under date palms and established groves.
Hoor Date Trading Group with several years of successful experience in exporting dates to Turkey, UAE, Russia, India, Ukraine, Australia, etc. is one of the largest date producers and exporters in the region.
The company has two refrigerators equipped in Kerman province, Bam city, in the date harvest season, buys and stores first-class dates in the region and other date-producing provinces of the country so that it can meet the needs of its customers at other times of the year.
Hoor Trading Group announces its readiness to supply all kinds of export dates by observing all export standards, including appropriate packaging in different weights and desirable quality grades with the necessary licenses and very competitive prices.